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  • Automatically redirects your domain email to your existing email account AND/OR
  • Allows you to setup POP domain email accounts
  • Allows you to use domain email addresses (yourname@yourname.com) on your business cards, letterhead and advertising.
  • More memorable than your ISP email address
  • Lets you change your current email provider and still keep the same email address
  • Perfect for families!
    Families may be scattered geographically, and utilize many different ISPs for Internet connection. It's cumbersome to remember all the different unmemorable email addresses. In this case, dad@myfamilyname.com, mary@myfamilyname.com, joe@myfamilyname.com is set up and forwarded to the proper ISP mailbox.
  • Is very affordable at US $9.95/month!

Order EMAILescort for your domain!
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Order EMAILescort for your domain!
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also known as: email redirection, domain email forwarding,
virtual email forwarding, domain pop email
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